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Innovative and Experienced

Team of Leak Test Technology

Value Creation

Customers' needs can vary, it is our passion to create value on products and provide technical advices. 

Technical & Thinking Innovation

Technical and thinking innovation is our key factor. Our focus on development and endless lab work comes from the idea that there can be more than one way.

5 Trust System

Trusting oneself, colleague, organization will leads to customer's trust on our team. We believe our trust system fruits to become a social enterprinuer. 

                   Hyundai Automotive                  GM Automotive                    Kia Automotive                          Delphi Korea

    Delphi Thailand                 Delphi Uzevekistan                       Halla Climate                             Samsung Electronics

            Mahle Behr Korea                   Mando                     Samsung Valeo                                     

   Kyungdong Boiler                   Behr TC                   Doowon                  LG Electronics                   DPSK                   


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